Growing in a challenging way! TIAS guarantees the development of knowledge, skills and ways of thinking. We are happy to help you in your career and support you in this constantly changing world, to develop yourself and to create more impact on your organization and society. As tomorrow's leader, you want to take responsibility for your own actions and for your environment. You need new perspectives to develop strategies and innovative, future-proof business models. You also want to keep stakeholders involved.


Taking a program at TIAS School for Business and Society means that you get the most out of yourself and your available hours. Due to the frequent contact moments online and on-site and a mix of working methods, you are continuously challenged and actively involved in the subject matter. As a result, you constantly experiment with new knowledge and leadership skills in an interactive learning environment. You work with people of your level, with the same ambitions. You gain scientific knowledge and insights that are directly applicable in your daily work.

Flexible approach and blended program design TIAS has a flexible and therefore accessible approach and our programs are blended in design. With this program design, we combine insights from Active Learning, Connectivism and Situated Cognition theories. This ensures that you learn a lot in a short time and thus make more progress.

Active Learning (Vygotsky)

Active Learning focuses on the insight that we as people learn the most from the interaction we have with others and our environment. In our blended design, we therefore make all the necessary time for this - online and on campus. In challenging teamwork you practice on a variety of cases, discussions and assignments, in which you try, discover and enrich your skills.

Situated cognition (D Kirshner, JA Whitson - 1997)

Practice is our best teacher, that is the core of the theory of situated cognition. In our blended education we therefore simulate the real business context as much as possible. Immersive simulations and games will put you in complex situations where you have to bring all your knowledge together to find a solution.

Connectivisme (Siemens, Downes, 2008)

We are constantly connected with each other, with systems and with information. Connectivism is based on the conviction that learning efficiency arises when you can create new insights from all those connections. Continuous learning, repetition, experimentation and reflection are crucial in this. That is why we organize our blended education as a stimulating learning journey. Due to the high frequency of contact with subject matter, students, teachers and practical cases, we create meaningful connections that encourage development.


Blended at TIAS is a:

  • Combination of online and offline working
  • Combination of individual and group activities
  • Combination of different working methods

TIAS ensures an optimal balance of these combinations. Their deployment is also tailored to each program or module. Flexibility We also provide flexibility. So you have more choice in where, when and at what pace you want to learn. You can also tailor a personal learning program to your needs or only take modules that respond to your ambitions and interests.


Easier to fit in your daily life You can visit our innovative online campus at any time in your own time, from any device with internet. In this way you can always prepare by viewing the offered literature, podcasts, articles and videos online. This makes learning more flexible and therefore easier to fit in with your work and private obligations. The design of the course is made in such a way that it is always clear where you are and what you still have to do Higher return on investment In addition to gaining access to leading professors, experienced lecturers and business experts at TIAS, we help you get even more out of your available study hours. Video lectures are available before classroom sessions. In this way, classroom sessions become more effective by stimulating interaction between the teacher and the participants. We do this by deepening the subject matter from discussions and (individual and group) assignments and putting them into practice. It is known that people learn better if you actively practice with the theory and make a translation into your daily business. Innovative and interactive learning An important part of the programs at TIAS is applying the theory in practical assignments. We simulate the real business context as much as possible by using online and on-site simulations, business cases, role-playing games, one-minute papers, and learning from each other during (online) peer review meetings. Besides having access to directly applicable knowledge from top academics and practical experts, you also have regular contact with other participants in the program. We encourage you to work on an individual, team and group level, giving a strong boost to learning from each other. Our community TIAS Connect and Alumni Services help you build and maintain a network even after your education. This gives you access to a network of professionals with a common drive and ambition Personalized learning TIAS is valued for its challenging way of teaching (Keuzegids 2020). Growing at TIAS means flexibility and customized learning. Participants follow personal learning paths in a coordinated manner and can therefore customize where they find it important. In addition, we know from experience that it is pleasant to receive good guidance in distance education. That is why there are extra contact moments with the core teacher and the program manager about your learning process.

“I have worked in real estate for twenty years. That is much more than the construction of buildings. I wanted to delve into it. In my search for a renowned education, TIAS stood out for its modular design. I have a busy job and can choose the moments when I study. That immediately gave me a good feeling. "Master of real estate" is a broad management course. Through collaboration with other professionals I acquired surprising insights. The intensive contact with the program manager is great. I am not a number. ” Paul Ticheler, adjunct-director cluster business housing Janssen de Jong. Participant Executive MRE.

“The master 'Management and Organization' requires a lot, but the result is there. I looked for more in-depth knowledge outside my work and found it at TIAS. The offered modules are well applicable in practice. Through simulations you learn at a rapid pace whether a certain strategy works. Due to the small scale of the course, there is a lot of personal contact. I have a lot to do with deadlines in my work. At those times, studying is difficult and it is nice that you can study at your own pace. ”

Sanne van Heteren, brandmanager Jaarbeurs. Participant Executive MMO.

Are you ready for the next step in your career and do you want to create more impact in business and society? TIAS has a wide range of open and incompany training programs. In areas such as leadership, business administration, accounting, finance & control and governance.

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